Emarosa Headlining Tour and Interview

Emarosa Headlining Tour and Interview

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Emarosa have embarked on a month-long headlining tour with help from A Lot Like Birds and Jule Vera.

Jule Vera opened the show full of energy and a fun stage presence! With lead singer, Ansley Newman’s sweet vocals and the band’s super catchy instruments, the whole crowd was dancing and having a great time. Groovin’ bass lines and captivating guitar paired with ukulele really made for an amazing set.


Followed by A Lot Like Birds. These Sacramento rockers hit the stage commanding the crowd’s attention. They were supporting their latest album, DIVISI, and brand new line up. The band has evolved and now have a more ethereal sound that’s melodic and catchy. The vocals paired with the emotional weight of the lyrics set the mood. The fans were loving the new sound and singing at the top of their lungs.

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Following the new release of ‘131 Reimagined”, a 4-track EP released on September 15 via Hopeless Records, I talked with the guys from Emarosa before their show in Tampa, FL.


Lead singer, Bradley Walden has said that this tour would be the last tour supporting 131. “We don’t have anything. We don’t have anything set in stone. We’re very, we like to keep a very natural process. Whatever feels like the next thing to do is the next thing we’re going to do. We have at this time, after this tour, we have no plans to do anything. But, you know, the next tour that we do in the state, I would imagine, would be supporting another record. This album cycle I feel has ended. It’s had its day and so whatever’s next, we’ll be supporting a different mindset and a different version of this band,” says Walden.


Having seen Emarosa live many times before, their astounding live shows are nothing short of amazing. Walden regularly joins the crowd and interacts with the fans. “I don’t know what really started it, but it just kind of has become almost expected. You know, it’s almost become like this thing you go (to see), it’s just a part of the show, part of the experience,” says Walden.


I recall seeing Emarosa on the first tour that Walden had joined the band for while touring with Chiodos. The show was barely 30 seconds into the first song and he had already jumped into the crowd. “…There’s a lot of live bands out there that, you know, they play their songs and they sound good live and that’s fine,” he continues. “But there’s a lot of bands out there and you need to give people something they haven’t seen before. Or they’re not going to come see you again.” And an experience is what you get when you go to and Emarosa show.


You can tell, as the band stands together on stage they have a shared musical vision. This show began a little differently than most. As the band walked on stage, the room went completely silent. The first song started and the crowd was singing every word.

During the song “A Hundred Crowns”, Walden picked up touring bass player, Robert Joffery, and spun him in the air. Synth player Jordan Stewart says on touring with Walden in the beginning, “It took us a long time to play shows again, so it was like our chance. It was a lot of fun.”

The crowd exploded! The intro guitar riff to Paramore’s ‘Decode’ started to play. The crowd was losing their minds. When I asked Walden the thought process behind choosing that song to play live? He said, “Honestly, I’ve been asking these guys to do that song for like five tours or something and they finally just caved and let me do it. So, there’s like no hidden agenda, I just really wanted to do it and they were tired of me asking.”

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The bands set list had multiple passionate fan favorites such as ‘’Say Hello to the Bad Guy’, ‘Young Lonely’, and ‘Cloud 9’. The crowd went nearly silent as Walden sang the opening track to 131, ‘Hurt’. Walden says when it comes to making a set list, “It’s tough. The more albums we put out, the tougher it is. So, you can only play so many songs a night. But, typically we like to lock in one set and like that’s the set for the tour.” Each song received roaring applause from the crowd and an occasional “Whoop, whoop”.

Emarosa is now on the road with A Lot Like Birds and Jule Vera. Get your tickets now because the tour isn’t even half way done. See the tour dates below!


Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/11/17 Dallas, TX – Dirty 30
10/13/17 Mesa, AZ – Nile Half House
10/14/17 San Diego, CA – The Irenic
10/15/17 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
10/16/17 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver
10/17/17 Portland, OR – Analog Theatre
10/18/17 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
10/21/17 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
10/22/17 Chicago, IL – Subterranean


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